We create designs that leave an everlasting image

At Tech Branta, we create brand identities that are not just business image but something that the consumer can relate to

What do we do in graphic design?

Pictures speak louder than words and thus, we create graphics that define businesses’ services in the best possible way.

Branding Designs

Our professionals have the capability of featuring Branding Design for your company and Brand.

Mobile App Design

Do you want your own Android application? Our Android app developers are committed to develop the apps that are bound to reach quickly to the targeted groups.

Web Design

We make your life easier with a powerful control panel from which you can make changes in website without having special knowledge.

Logo Design

In this massive pool of business, do you want a logo that not only looks apart but also acts the part?

Graphics Design

We know it is a cliché, but consumers judge you on your appearance. You need a stellar design to impress everyone.

Branding Designs

The best to promote your business or launching a brand is through advertising. It is a great platform to get your message shout out loud and clear. We have fresh, big, and engaging ideas to tell your story in an engaging way across different advertising media

Your company’s brand plays a key role in helping you establish a unique presence in the market and in the audience’s mind, which is different from your competitors. Similarly, with the right match of design and brand, you can create a unique story, strategy, and visual brand identity for your business.

Mobile App Design

No matter how good an app you develop, if its UI sucks, then the app sucks. Hence, you need an interface which is simple and doesn’t get boring. This is not a work for an amateur because it requires user-experience.

Our team of developers and graphic designers have years of experience where their design various Android and iOS mobile apps. We are sure that our design will play a major in making your app successful by creating its own design which resembles your brand image.

Web Designs

We know it is a cliché, but consumers judge you based on your website. You need a design that tells the visitor everything that they need to know. That is a lot of information, and only an expert like would be able to design beautiful websites and satisfying interactive user experiences.

Whether you are looking for a static website? Dynamic Website? Or even an eCommerce website? We can design a clutter-free and an interactive web page design. While designing, we will also try to tell a story about your business through our design.

Logo Design

Nowadays, there are a lot of businesses operating online. With each passing day, it is difficult to make a name for yourself in the market. If you are prepping to climb this tall mountain, you need a logo design to start with. You need something that sticks in the customer’s mind.

The only problem with this is that people design brands focusing on how it looks and not how it makes the consumer feel. Tech Branta will design for you a logo that will make your message more distinctive, more memorable, and just a little more sophisticated than everyone else.