About Our Company

Tech Branta offers different services that will boost your business online. We are a team of talented and experienced individuals looking to help people grow with us.

We are a leader in online business consultancy

Our world is transforming, and technology is at the center of it. Nowadays, everything is on the internet; whether it is online consultation or your house design, everything has an online presence in the shape of a website or an application.

These things have become important to have a profitable business in today’s time. That’s why you need someone like Tech Branda who always strive relentlessly to keep up with our customer’s expectations and satisfaction. Creativity and client-friendly work are the hallmarks of our work.


We have a simple but effective approach that we follow thoroughly.

Quality Work

We believe that our work speaks for us more than our words.

Trustful Decision

We laud ourselves for our badge of reliability and professionalism.

Our services

We have gathered a team of highly sophisticated, trained, yet dedicated designers, programmers, and marketing experts.

Design and Branding

First impression is the last impression; We know how to make an effective one.

Web Development

Website can make or break your online business; we know how to make one.

App Development

We will make apps in all shapes and sizes, giving your business the freedom of mobility.


Our SEO approach is sure to land higher on search engine results via ethical and effective ways.

Digital Marketing

We have a simple philosophy, i.e., to market business in every way, shape, and form.

Why us?

We are a team of developers who are eager to help in your business. We possess different skill sets in myriads of fields where software can add values to your product or service.

Our four salient features as a company are:

Quality is something which never compromises on. As we don’t you to remember us till our contract and beyond that for the work, we provide you. Hence, our first motto is to always be excellent in our work, whether it is web development, SEO or anything else. We won’t give you any reason to be disappointed with us. We have experts working for us who have years of experience in provide quality output in a budget.

Everyone has a connection with their business which goes deeper than just profit and loss. We understand this connection and work on each project with diligence. Our motive in this is to build a long-lasting relationship with you and your business. We give you our loyalty in the form of service even after we have completed your project.

Competence and professionalism are very important qualities in a company. These two qualities are the pillars of our work. You can always rely on us to finish the work on time. Even, if we do face any issue, we wouldn’t dump it till the end, our professionalism wouldn’t make us do it. We would be upfront with everything. Another sign of our professionalism is that everything would be transparent and you will get a regular update of your work.

One of the important qualities of a high-end developer team is simplicity. For example, you might develop a website from a company or freelancer. After some months or years, you would want to make some changes to the website. If the directory in the frontend isn’t properly organized, it would be a problem for the person making the change. Hence, we follow a simple approach for all of our services. This makes it easy for everyone amateurs to follow.

For us, your project is not a work we have to finish; we nurture it like a baby who grows and becomes successful. We do that with professionalism, quality and on time.

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For us, your project is not a work we have to finish; we nurture it like a baby who grows and becomes successful.